Made to Taste Booth


Made to Taste Booth

  • 10x10 covered booth includes two tables and electricity. 

  • Pricing includes 6.5% FL Sales Tax

  • Vendor agrees to provide samples for $2-$6 (exact price determined by vendor). Made in St. Augustine® will contact vendors closer to the event to confirm and approve all dishes and costs in writing at least 10 days prior to the event.

  • Vendor agrees to source all ingredients for samples and bring all necessary prep equipment.

  • Vendor agrees to split profits of ticketed sample dishes 50/50 (after sales tax) with Made in St. Augustine®. It is the responsibility of the vendor to collect sample tickets and cash-out with Made in St. Augustine® at the designated time and place. (Details will be provided in the vendor packet.)

  • Vendor may give away coupons, brochure, menus and other free promotional items.

  • Vendor will not provide full-course meals or sell any retail items (such as pre-packaged food items, groceries or merchandise) or risk being penalized $100.

  • Prior to the event, vendor must show proof of food license, inspection certificate and liability insurance.