Made in St. Augustine® is FLA-REAL


It all started when a traveling man asked Jeannie Smith-Rosenberg where she was from and she answered “Florida.” He replied, “For real?” and she jokingly responded “Fla real.” 

And a brand was born.

That conversation instigated Smith-Rosenberg to create a brand that represents all that she and others love about the state of Florida. It’s a “real” love for everything Florida.

Smith-Rosenberg developed a love for the sunshine state at an early age. To her, Florida life was synonymous with scuba diving clear waters throughout the state [she worked for her father’s dive charter business], going to the beach, biking under palm and palmetto trees, discovering the beauty of the natural springs, navigating rivers and exploring caverns – all while learning to accept and even embrace the incredible temperatures and humidity. Of course, a love for Florida entities – such as the Miami Dolphins, authentic Cuban food, Publix and Disney World – was engrained as well.

Smith-Rosenberg said, “I’ve always loved the obvious and even less obvious nuances that make up Florida.”

FLA-REAL is the perfect way for Smith-Rosenberg to share her love and passion with millions of others who feel the same way. FLA-REAL knows the importance of giving back and proudly supports Florida-based charities with a focus on animal rescues.

FLA-REAL apparel and accessories are available online at You can also stop by the FLA-REAL booth at Made in St. Augustine® to get your FLA-REAL gear!