Addie Gibson Art Sheds Light on Mental Health

Since she was a little girl, Addie Gibson has loved drawing and painting. Having grown up in the surfing culture, she decided to marry her passions. And that’s how St. Augustine’s Addie Gibson Art came to be.

But Addie Gibson Art isn’t just about pretty paintings (although they are that too!). Addie’s goal is to bring joy to people’s lives through her bright colors, literally and metaphorically.

Her underlying mission is to raise awareness for mental health. Addie wants people to know it’s alright to talk about these issues and to help end the negative stigma attached to mental health. Her art is the perfect outlet for this platform.

She hopes surfers and artists can view her work or talk to Addie and realize they aren’t the only ones who struggle.

Meet Addie and see her work at the Addie Gibson Art booth at Made in St. Augustine®.