C&R de Raadt Design Handcrafts World-Class Jewelry


With an extensive international upbringing, the sisters Christine and Rosemarie de Raadt bring worldly influences to their handcrafted jewelry designs.

Born in Chile, and raised by their Danish mother and Dutch father, the de Raadts’ passion for design began during childhood. They have lived in Scandinavia, Europe and South America for most of their lives and much of their inspiration comes from these places.

Christine and Rosemarie taught themselves everything they know. They gained their knowledge through years of practice and creating pieces for family and friends.

Before moving to St. Augustine in 2014, the de Raadt sisters spent many years living apart – in different countries. When their husbands opened a business in St. Augustine, the de Raadts decided to move near the company (and the beach!) - and most importantly, each other. Once they were neighbors, the sisters began working side-by-side. They say they work perfectly together and totally complement each other. 

The sisters’ passion for art and design came alive, blossomed into a small business and they established C&R de Raadt Design. Christine and Rosemarie enjoy making all kinds of jewelry. They are constantly searching for new ideas for unique pieces. No two of their handcrafted pieces are alike.

Meet Christine and Rosemarie and explore their handcrafted jewelry when you visit C&R de Raadt Design’s booth at Made in St. Augustine.