Raising the Bar


A bridge crane on rails hangs suspended overhead as guests sit at the bar sipping drinks. But these aren’t regular drinks. These craft cocktails are produced with fresh, local ingredients, in-house produced ice and more than a few dashes of expertise.

It is with these drinks that the Ice Plant is raising the bar for St. Augustine’s craft cocktail scene.

One of the local leaders in the craft cocktail movement, the Ice Plant is deep-rooted in history. The Ice Plant has successfully played off of the building’s history to create a one-of-a-kind cocktail bar.

The original Ice Plant was established in St. Augustine in 1927 when the facility created huge blocks of ice for shrimp boats and local customers. The original crane (that now hangs over the bar) is the same one that was used 90 years ago to pick up huge blocks of ice.

The Ice Plant was reborn in 2010 when Founder Ryan Dettra conceptualized the craft cocktail bar. Dettra joined forces with restaurant veteran, Patricia McLemore, to bring the concept to fruition.

Today, the Ice Plant Bar creates stunning cocktails from fresh house-pressed juices and a wide assortment of bitters and handcrafted syrups. The Ice Plant focuses its attention on details using precise measurements and three different kinds of ice - including a nod to the building’s original use as an ice plant with a 300-pound block of ice and custom cubes.

Stop by the Ice Plant on Riberia Street for the full early 20th century experience. You can also try their delicious craft cocktails at the Ice Plant’s booth at Made in St. Augustine