Live Mermaid Spreads Good Vibes and Positive Messages


Lynette Bower feels at home under water. But more than that, she finds a sense of peace and positivity swimming in the sea. By being a live mermaid, she is able to bring these feelings of joy and happiness to terra firma delighting both children and adults.

Growing up by the ocean, Lynette learned to snorkel at a very young age. She used to swim with the fish and pretend she was a mermaid by crossing her ankles together to make a pretend tail. She always felt a great connection with sea creatures. She would frequent places like the Miami Seaqaurium where she and the dolphins would gaze into each other’s eyes. She also loved watching Jacques Cousteau on television so she could learn about the fish she came face-to-face with while snorkeling.

As an adult, Lynette faced some hard times that required her to do some serious soul searching. She came to a point where she had to rediscover herself and her happiness. In doing so, she realized her lifelong dream of becoming a live mermaid.

Today, through her business, Mermaids are Real Live Entertainment, “Layla” the mermaid spreads good vibes and positive messages to children and adults. Layla encourages everyone to pursue their dreams and believe in themselves.

Layla also teaches about sea creatures, how litter affects sea life, leads ocean-related games and gives away seashell critters. Layla is available for birthdays, sea-themed weddings, promotional events, fundraisers and more. Check-out Mermaid Friend Monday at Mermaids Are Real Live Entertainment where Layla introduces sea friends and explains how they relate to mermaids.

Be sure to stop by Mermaids are Real Live Entertainment to meet Layla at Made in St. Augustine.