The Four Rs Lay the Foundation of More Palletable Woodworks

Based in St. Augustine, More Palletable Woodworks is led by the fourth-generation bearded creative Luke Kelleher.

Luke started his woodwork with wood scraps leftover from building a shed. From there, he focused on using reclaimed materials like pallet wood and hurricane damaged logs to create pictures, furniture, boxes and more.

Since establishing his business, More Palletable Woodworks, Luke has taken his pieces to the next level. Today he creates wood art pieces, custom logos, commercial bars and custom cutting boards.

Born into a family of foresters, and earning a Bachelor’s degree in Forestry from NC State University, Luke has always found inspiration from the woods. His business approaches projects with four Rs: reclaim, recycle, reuse and REUSE. Luke gives wood that is damaged or considered trash a new life as something long-lasting and visually appealing.

Check-out Luke’s pieces when you visit More Palletable Woodworks at Made in St. Augustine.