Nurturepelli Soaps Nurtures Skin Naturally


Nurturepelli Soaps began on Heather Warren’s New Hampshire farm 24 years ago and continues here in St. Augustine today.

Heather has always loved bath products. She saw her first bar of homemade soap at a farmers’ market in Portsmouth and soon after signed up for a soap making class. Heather set out her first batch of Oatmeal Lavender soap next to the cash register in June during “pick your own” strawberry season and sold out of her soap the same day.

The next batch Heather made was a lemony soap she named “Farmer’s Soap” after her husband, a full-time farmer. It’s still a customer favorite to this day.

Heather has continued to make soap because she completely enjoys working anything to do with plants and herbal healing – but also because her own super sensitive skin calmed with the use of her products. Her main focus over the years has been to develop a soap recipe that everyone can use with positive benefit.

Each batch of Nurturepelli Soap begins with a skin-soothing infusion of Calendula flowers and most batches end with the addition of specialty nut oils such as argon and avocado to deepen the soothing capability of her bars. Heather’s soaps are packed with glycerin, a humectant that draws moisture to the skin and imparting a moisture barrier throughout the day. Pure essential oils allow for the most soothing cleanse experience. Nurturepelli Soaps contain such a high percentage of essential oils that they are considered therapeutic.

Each bar Nurturepelli Soaps offers is made to be as close to nature as possible. No fragrances, perfumes or chemical fillers (code words for synthetics) are used in Heather’s soaps, as they can be irritating.

Nurturepelli strives to source sustainably farmed nut oils for all their soaps.  Although Heather does package her soap for retail and special occasions, she prefers to sell her soap in the raw, without packaging. Less packaging is more sustainable for the earth and allows the soap to breath.  (And, it helps keep the cost down!)  All Nurturepelli bars are Vegan, containing no animal products, except for our Goats Milk soap recipes.

Contact Heather at to order your soap or pick up a few bars at her booth at Made in St. Augustine.