Regalia Gives New Life to Vintage and Antique


Regalia is a St. Augustine brand that has been foraged through many years of international travel and vintage collecting where each piece reflects the love of all things repurposed and remembered.

The brand comes in many (very affordable!) forms including home goods, clothing, accessories, jewelry and paper goods. From recycled vinyl record sleeve notebooks to rare restyled T-shirts, and then all the way to antique teacup candles, Regalia has made sure all the basis are covered.

From a young age, owner Rosalie Cocci enjoyed all things vintage and antique and began her collection as soon as she could earn an allowance.  These collections turned into creations as she grew into adolescence. The style she chose to express herself could not be found in any department store. By combing collections of vintage and the desire to be different, Rosalie was able to create a whole line of goods with solid branding.

Rosalie came to St. Augustine in 2006 to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy at Flagler College. Focusing on aesthetic philosophy, Regalia molded and grew into a St. Augustine favorite and can be found throughout the area’s art, clothing, lifestyle and home stores. Both Rosalie and her brand are now a staple in the community and the local scene.

Meet Rosalie and explore her creations when you visit Regalia at Made in St. Augustine.