St. Augustine Law Group Works to Ensure the Continued Success of the Nation’s Oldest City


Why the name “St. Augustine Law Group?” The firm started in St. Augustine with the intention of serving its citizens and its surrounding areas. In addition, they wanted to model their firm after our great city.

St. Augustine has not only survived, but thrived through countless conflicts and cultural shifts during its 450-year history. Following her lead, St. Augustine Law Group works with clients to help them achieve the same type of enduring success in their lives during times of transition and conflict. Whether starting or selling a business, probating an estate or negotiating a complex business deal, the attorneys at St. Augustine Law Group are here to serve. 

St. Augustine Law Group wants to see our city, its families and its businesses continue to succeed over the next 450 years of history, and they hope to have played some small part in its continued success.

St. Augustine Law Group’s founder, Richard Brooks, has a very practical approach to legal matters. He wants to help his clients meet their business goals while also managing their legal risks. He makes this possible by helping them navigate the potential perils and pitfalls of legal agreements with customers, vendors and partners/members/shareholders.

Richard Brooks of St. Augustine Law Group

Richard Brooks
of St. Augustine Law Group

Richard is no stranger to hard work. Richard regularly spends his weekends caring for his very first car, a ’91 Pontiac Firebird he's had since his 16th birthday as well as his wife's bright red 1963 Econoline pick-up truck (which you have probably seen tooling around St. Augustine). While working on these cars, he doesn't focus on getting them running. His goal is to continuously improve them allowing them to withstand the test of decades more of use. 

His business philosophy is similar. He won’t just write a contract to get a client out the door. Richard has a keen sense about the future and works tirelessly to write contracts to protect his clients from future litigation. 

Richard comes to the legal profession with a strong business background. He co-founded EcoTech Light & Energy, LLC, a dynamic commercial grade LED lighting company. Needless to say, he understands both the excitement and the struggle of a new business venture. 

Richard marries his passion for business, his skill in providing legal guidance and his strong support of the local community by volunteering as the President of RSVP of St. Johns County, Inc., and proudly serving at St. Johns County Legal Aid. 

Devoted to the nation’s oldest city and its success – not to mention proudly “made” in St. Augustine  - St. Augustine Law Group is the official sponsor of Made to Create where expert-led private instructional workshops will be held throughout the day of the festival

(In case you are wondering, while he'd like to be driving the Firebird more frequently, you will more likely run into him and his wife in the red Econoline pick-up. If you see them, be sure to say hello!)