Frog Song Organics Provides More than Amazing Produce

Frog Song Organics Provides More than Amazing Produce

When John Bitter and Amy Van Scoik started Frog Song Organics in 2011 they had a vision to accomplish farming with the “triple bottom line”: respect for human, ecological and economic resources.

With the help from family, friends and neighbors, who worked in trade for food, Frog Song Organics has grown from two planted acres to managing more than 60 acres.

They grow more than 80 types of produce, herbs, fruits and flowers, mainly in the field and also in several greenhouses/hoophouses. Certified organic since 2012, Frog Song Organics grows everything in soil for full flavor and do not utilize hydroponics.

Beyond the foods they grow, John and Amy raise egg-laying hens and recently started a pasture pork program. Frog Song Organics also produces value-added goods such as jams and fermented foods like kimchi and pickles.

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