Deep Roots Anchor The Raintree in St. Augustine’s Community

The Raintree Beef Wellington

Delighting guests with an exquisite intercontinental menu for nearly 40 years, The Raintree Restaurant is a culinary mainstay in downtown St. Augustine.

The Raintree’s cuisine blends Mediterranean, American and Asian flavors in a variety of superb steak, pasta and seafood dishes. Among locals, the restaurant is perhaps most renowned for its Beef Wellington. The Raintree’s decadent dessert bar is a late night favorite for St. Augustine residents. The restaurant boasts an extensive wine list accompanied by knowledgeable staff to help guests choose the perfect bottle. And don’t miss Sunday brunch featuring a full menu of crepes and croques, sandwiches and salads plus a full continental buffet.

But Raintree offers more than just a fantastic menu. The restaurant provides an intimate atmosphere in a historic setting. The Victorian home that houses The Raintree dates back to the late 1800s. Today, it is one of the last surviving houses along San Marco that dates back to post Civil War development boom.

Like the restaurant’s building, the story behind The Raintree’s inception reads a little like a historical novel. In 1979, the MacDonalds, family of four, left England in their 45-foot yacht, Intsholo III bound for the United States. They left just as their countrymen had in the 17th century and for just about the same reasons. They felt frustrated and restricted by high taxation that limited their ambitions. So, they sought a new country where they could realize their dreams and ended up in St. Augustine.

In 1980, the MacDonalds found the old house at 102 San Marco Avenue that would become The Raintree after 10 months of renovation and restoration. Since opening the restaurant in 1981, The Raintree continues to be recognized nationally and internationally as one of Florida’s top destination restaurants.

Head downtown to enjoy The Raintree’s international menu in a historic setting, or sample their signature dishes when you visit their booth at Made in St. Augustine.