Anni Frohlich Makes Art to Wear


Armed with a treasure chest of watches, baubles and repurposed found objects, Anni Frohlich gives castaways a new life through her original jewelry.

Anni uses her 29-year collection to create art to wear that falls into the steampunk genre. Her unique pieces do not always have a new finished appearance which is part of their charm and what characterizes them as vintage or upcycled.

Anni’s journey as an artist began more than two decades ago. It was a point in time when what is now considered “reuse and re-purposing” was commonly referred to as “recycling.” At that time, the trend was on the cusp of becoming more recognized and more importantly, appreciated.

Inspired by her personal fascination for found materials and objects (the more peculiar, the better!), Anni stepped in to meet the new demand for creative reuse. She began collecting objects and exploring jewelry making ideas and techniques. With no formal training, Anni arrived at and has maintained her own authentic style. The result is extraordinary creations.

Anni is completely devoted to her customers, who have led to her success as a jewelry artist. “I absolutely love and appreciate all my customers. They are my favorite people, and I am overflowing with gratitude for their interest in my creations,” she explains.

Not only does Anni create pieces for retail, she also makes custom pieces for steampunk occasions and weddings. She collaborates with customers to transform family heirlooms, vintage pieces and broken pieces of jewelry into unique personal pieces of art. She also provides special care, repairs, chain replacement and sizing adjustments.

Explore Anni Frohlich Jewelry and talk to her about giving your old piece new life when you stop by her booth at Made in St. Augustine