JMC Boutique Handcrafts the Simple Things for Life

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The need to manage four girls’ hair will motivate a mother to do just about anything to make life easier.

While anyone who has daughters can attest to this daily struggle, this is an over-simplification of why Chamane Williams created JMC Boutique.

Chamane’s start to making natural care products was actually not personally motivated at all. A friend came to her needing help with a small soap-making business. Her friend taught her the basics and then Chamane took a few classes to advance her skills. But what Chamane ultimately learned was more than how to make soap – she discovered a love for creating with her hands like nothing she had ever experienced.

[Now enter Chamane’s daughters into the equation.] As Chamane was mastering her soap-making skills, she found herself always buying lotion for her girls. So, she thought to herself, if she can make soap, why not make lotion? [And now enter four daughters’ hair into the equation.] And if she can make lotion, why not make conditioner?

Soon JMC had a diverse product line of homemade lotions and body creams as well as hair dressings and shampoos for natural and processed hair. As Chamane began sharing her products with family and friends, demand steadily grew. And as demand grew, so did her curiosity on how far she could take it. Since JMC Boutique’s inception in 2014 her business has continued to grow and she will have to wait to see where the journey takes her.

Stemming from a long line of handcrafters, Chamane is preceded by seamstresses (which is a talent that has also been passed on to Chamane), soap makers (a connection she didn’t learn about until after she began making soap) and home economics teachers. She is inspired by her predecessors – especially her grandmother – who took care of a family full-time and was also able to earn an income. People in the community depended on her for the simpler things in life. Chamane aspires to be the same way.

JMC’s Boutique’s natural products are handcrafted to pamper, protect and nourish your body and emotional well-being. JMC Boutique also showcases Chamane’s sewing skills through one-of-a-kind aprons and bow-ties.

Discover the simple pleasures in life when you visit JMC Boutique at Made in St. Augustine.