Cultivated with Love


What stemmed from a passion for nature and gardening combined with an interest in cooking and creating in the kitchen has grown into what we now know as Cultivate Tea & Spice Co.

When Jon Veniard began blending unique spices and tea leafs, it was purely as a hobby. But after continued positive reactions from everyone who sampled his creations, he became convinced he should be selling his loose leaf tea and culinary spice blends.

Jon and his family have always loved our little town and appreciated St. Augustine’s farmers market community. In fact, they were eager to become a part of it and showcase their handcrafted products and newly formed business. The love they put into their blends and their commitment to high quality ingredients was very well received. Word spread and they began receiving requests from local cafes and shops. Today, they attribute Cultivate Tea and Spice Co.’s success to the loyalty of their customers and local partners.

Elementary school teachers by trade, Jon’s wife continues to teach while Jon has taken a sabbatical in order to focus all of his efforts on continued company growth and product excellence. Cultivate Tea & Spice Co. sources the best quality, certified organic ingredients for all of their loose leaf teas and culinary spice blends. Their products are hand-blended by passionate artisans in small batches to ensure the best quality every time.

Cultivate Tea & Spice Co.’s products can be found in select shops and cafes throughout Northeast Florida. They maintain their appreciation of the farmers markets and set-up at both the Old City Farmers Market on Saturdays as well as the St. Augustine Beach Pier Farmers Market on Wednesdays.

Meet Jon and experience the wonderful aroma of teas and spices when you visit Cultivate Tea & Spice Co. at Made in St. Augustine.  And be sure to sample the hand-crafted tea varieties brewed that day!