Indi Loves Harlie Gives Favorite Clothes a Second Life


The name of Kelly Holleran’s business was inspired by the names of her former dogs. When she met her husband in 1994, she had a dog name Harlie (after Harlequin because his face was half black and half white right down the middle.) Harlie was a great dog, which prompted her husband Dan to get a dog. He named her Indi. Indi and Harlie lived together for 12 years and it was a true love affair.

Fast forward from 1994 to 2008, Kelly had an old concert T-shirt she couldn’t part with. It was stained, made for a male and not particularly flattering. But she loved the art on it. So she cut out the design and stitched it on a zip-up jacket she had. Kelly had given her old shirt new life! So, she started digging through her clothes and sewed new life in several cherished old T-shirts.

Indi Loves Harlie evolved from there. That same year, Kelly saw the Café 11 Trunk Show flyer and emailed them to see if she could be part of the show. They had space available so she signed up as a vendor. Kelly had exactly two weeks to put together inventory for her booth space. That night at the trunk show, she sold every single piece.

It was so fun, she kept doing it. Back then, Kelly sewed everything by hand with an embroidery hoop and straight pins. She has since taught herself to use her machine expediting the creative process and turning her hobby into a small business.

Today, Kelly hand makes appliques on clothing such as dresses, sweaters, T-Shirts and more. Check-out her cool products at Made in St. Augustine.