Bob’s Builds Sightings Reported all over the Planet


Bob’s Builds handcrafts custom woodwork and designs using recycled skateboards. As if the concept isn’t unique enough in and of itself, each skateboard piece has a distinctive graphic design and variety of vibrant colors within the maple plies - making each piece one of a kind.

What started it all? Sasquatch. Yes, you read correctly… Sasquatch, Yeti, Big Foot – you’ve heard of the guy. One day on his day off work, Bobby Dill had nothing to do. He had a stack of his old skateboards just sitting under his bed and decided to cut a Sasquatch out of one of them. He didn’t think much of it until of a friend of his wouldn’t leave his house without it. Bobby figured if he liked it that much, maybe others would too. So he ran with it and Bob’s Builds has grown into the business it is today.

Bobby started simple with custom cutouts on skateboard decks and regular wood as home décor. From there, he branched out and now makes as many things as he can out of skateboards: tap handles, frames, lamps, bottle stoppers, keychains and earrings are just a few of the more common pieces he creates.

Bob’s Builds grew tremendously once he was accepted into the St. Augustine Amphitheatre Farmers Market in 2016. The Market provided Bobby a great platform to get the business on its feet. Between the Market and his girlfriend, Jessi, who handles marketing, social media and manages the online Etsy site, business is thriving.

Bobby tries to step out of the ordinary when designing and building each piece to create something bold and different. Every piece is customizable to fit any style, home or business space and his favorite pieces to create are custom orders. Bobby says seeing customers’ reaction when their ideas come to life with something he’s created is a huge driving force behind his business.

He never thought people would take to his art as much as they do. He finds the fact that he now has pieces in other parts of the world like Japan, England and Canada amazing.

Find Bob’s Builds custom woodwork and designs regularly at the Saturday’s Farmers Market and be sure to visit him at Made in St. Augustine.