Lotus Island Takes Mother Nature up on her Offer


As a Florida girl, born and raised near the beach, Jamie Compton has always loved the outdoors, sunshine and what the Earth provides us to enjoy.

She decided to pursue that love by becoming a Master Herbalist and create her own herbal remedies. She began by using her education to create products for herself and her family. Through Lotus Island Remedies, Jamie now passes her knowledge to the world offering ways for everyone to take advantage of what Mother Nature intended us to use to keep our bodies happy and healthy.

Jamie is a firm believer that we have everything we need right here on this planet to keep our bodies as healthy and happy as possible. She believes that in most cases for common ailments, symptoms can be curbed with a simple diet change and old fashioned herbal remedies just like those made in our grandmothers’ kitchen. Through Lotus Island Remedies, it is Jamie’s intention to provide these same types of herbal remedies for the benefit of the world to experience a healthier way of day-to-day living.


All of the ingredients in Lotus Island Remedies are 100% natural and organic. Her product line includes everything from cosmetics, pain and symptom relief, immune boosters, and more – all made from organic herbs, oils and essential oils.

But Lotus Island offers more than just remedies. Jamie ties back in to her love of the ocean and outdoors through a second component of her business. Lotus Island Threads features handcrafted bikinis for adults and kids as well as sports bras. In the coming year, she plans to add yoga leggings and shorts to her product line.

Having grown up around sewing, Jamie’s mom made a lot of her clothes – complete with matching hair bows for every outfit. Jamie picked it up at a young age and then during her pregnancy did a little sewing with a local bikini company. She wanted to learn a trade she could do at home with a newborn. (And as a nursing mother, she needed functional and comfortable tops.) She branched out on her own and began making kids’ bathing suits. Then she started receiving requests for custom suits for women who did not fit in the average size range. Word of mouth, Instagram and sponsorships of events such as the Annual ProAm skimboard contest have helped Lotus Island Threads succeed. She also collaborates with other local businesses such as Knotilus to incorporate macramé pieces into her suits to create one-of-a-kind bikinis.

Jamie will have both her remedies and bikinis available at Made in St. Augustine. Visit her booth to explore Lotus Island Remedies and Threads.