Maggie’s Herb Farm Delights the Senses


Maggie’s Herb Farm is a treat for your senses. Walking through the farm, visitors are embraced by fragrant culinary herbs, beautiful edible flowers, rare superfood plants, medicinal herb plants, native fruit trees and colorful butterfly and hummingbird plants.

The farm offers hundreds of herbs including everything that grows in our area like thyme, chives, a dozen different mints, parsley, sage, rosemary, fennel, stevia and all common herbs. Maggie’s Herb Farm also offers medicinal herbs like turmeric, comfrey, skullcap, mugwort, valerian, katuk and samba – just to name a few.

Maggie’s Herb Farm has been around for 35 years at its current location on County Road 13. The Farm has been growing pesticide-free for many years. Several years ago, Herbalist Dora Baker purchased the farm and has continued its success.

A graduate of Flagler College, Dora has worked in a clinical herb setting using Ayurvedic, Chinese and Western Herbalism for several years. She has provided professional herbal programs for Disney world and Epcot and now shares her expertise at the Farm.

Maggie’s Herb Farm offers seasonal programs and classes on growing and using herb gardens as well as organic planting methods. Dora and her staff are always eager to advise and help browsing customers. After all, one of the most rewarding parts of running the Farm is when customers return and thank Dora and her staff for helping them create a wonderful garden.

Learn more about Maggie’s Herb Farm and pick-up herb plants for your garden when you visit their booth at Made in St. Augustine.