Experience Urban Asado


In Spanish, the word “Asado” means barbecue. However, the Argentinian tradition of Asado is as much about the social element of a cookout as it is about the barbecue itself. Any opportunity to share a meal with family and friends is a time to be fully appreciated.

Nick Carrera, founder of Urban Asado, remembers the joy he saw in his dad whenever he had the chance to prepare an Asado. He recalls how all of his dad’s day-to-day responsibilities seemed to just dance away with the flickering flames.

Nick started Urban Asado in 2013 with the idea of blending his father’s Argentine heritage with a slightly more contemporary approach. He set out to create a more accessible way for people to enjoy all that wood fired grilling has to offer.

To that end, Urban Asado handcrafts Argentine-style wood burning barbecue grills from stainless steel. But more than just a grill, Urban Asado creates an experience of sights, sounds and aromas coupled with amazing flavors that can only be attained by grilling with a wood fire.

Urban Asado recently debuted their Experience Grilling® summer kitchen at their fabrication studio located at 150 Riberia Street, Unit C. Now, anyone interested in wood-fired grilling can see firsthand how Urban Asado’s Argentine-style grills can be incorporated into a summer kitchen along with more familiar appliances.

Be sure to check-out Nick in action as he demos Urban Asado’s grills at Made in St. Augustine.