Local Maker Turns Pallets into Home Décor

Sometimes a hobby just falls into your lap. That’s what happened to Tim Pollock when he bought a house in 2012 along with an oversized garage filled with tools and a workbench.

Seeing an opportunity in what some might have discarded as leftover “stuff,” Tim started tinkering with woodworking and even decided to refinish his hardwood floors. Tim spent the next two years experimenting with shelving and signs. His interest was piqued and he took a part-time job installing wood floors. This improved his skills (and comfort level) working with different saws.

These days, he has taken his newfound woodworking talents to the next level. Tim works out of his garage in St. Augustine with his two children, a 7-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son, who assist their dad in Pollock Pallet Designs’ mini assembly line. The kids help rip up pallets and Tim sands and stains.

Tim says he is no artist, but loves the challenge of trying to tell a story with wood, nails, stain and paint. A teacher by trade, Pollock Pallet Designs is strictly a hobby and “side hustle.” He and his wife, Kim, spend their days running a non-profit ministry called the 3:23 Academy which provides programs and classes covering academics, athletics and the arts – and even woodworking!

Come see Pollock Pallet Designs’ handcrafted signs, shelves, trinkets, furniture and more when you stop by his booth at Made in St. Augustine. Tim will also teach kids to make their own woodcraft at this Junior Made station.