Soluna Takes the Natural Road to Beauty


Christy Ferguson says owning her own handmade business has been a wild crazy ride with days filled with inspiration and days full of doubt.

However, only a little more than a year into business, Soluna Beauty is growing and thriving.

Christy began making skincare products for herself because she just couldn’t find what she was looking for in the store. In her late 30s, she started noticing her skin becoming a little less plump, new-formed dryness and the appearance of some fine lines. Christy has always used a daily moisturizer and just about any “natural” facewash she was trying out that month. But she never had any brand loyalty to any product on the market because there simply wasn’t anything she truly loved.

Since her teenage years, Christy has been somewhat of a naturalist, avoiding preservatives, steering clear of red 40 and other unnatural flavorings and colorings and steering clear of certain foods like dairy due to allergies. After cleaning up her diet, Christy also began educating herself on beauty products and started slowly switching out her shampoos, soaps, lotions and deodorants to natural alternatives (which was a challenging feat 12 years ago).

Back then, Christy didn’t care as much about looking younger – because she was, in fact younger. But when she hit her 30s she decided she needed to find some products that are formulated specifically for anti-aging and fine lines, complexion, etc. And so her hunt began. Christy was seeking good quality, something luxurious, and ultimately something that worked. As she began shopping she couldn’t find anything that would fit her needs, was affordable and natural (toxin-free).

Taking matters into her own hands, Christy began ordering books on oils and essential oils and started researching natural skincare. Soon, she was making her own products. She shared them with family and friends – who loved all her products – and encourage her to start Soluna Beauty.

Today, Soluna Beauty features beautifully and naturally scented anti-aging, preventative and restorative skin care that really works. Christy is also committed to educating and empowering consumers in the beauty industry.

Meet Christy and learn more about Soluna Beauty’s natural products when you visit her booth at Made in St. Augustine.