Datil Pepper gives Chef Phil’s BBQ Sauce its Unique Flavor

BBQ sauce pic.jpg4.jpg

For 30 years, Phil Brown worked at UPS. Toward the end of his first career, he wanted to do something besides playing golf and fishing all the time (although he really enjoys these two activities!). He also loved to cook, so he ventured down a new career path, went to culinary school and became a chef.

Phil officially started Chef Phil’s BBQ Sauce Company about two and a half years ago. He’s been making BBQ sauce for more than 15 years but just recently perfected it into the sauce it is today.

Phil started with a mild sauce and then moved into the Datil pepper sauce. He eventually thought coffee would add a unique dimension to his Datil pepper sauce, so he began making his Espresso Datil Pepper BBQ Sauce. Each sauce is delicious and unique. Datil peppers are great little peppers that help give his BBQ sauces their one-of-a-kind flavor.

He experienced such success in using peppers in his sauces, he started using them for other products as well. Phil now also makes a Datil Pepper Rump Rub and a Mango/Apple Datil Pepper Hot Sauce.

Phil feels truly blessed that so many people like his BBQ sauces and rubs. Customer response provides him a great sense of accomplishment. “Knowing that people genuinely like something that I made is the best part about my company.” This is ultimately why he became a chef and makes Chef Phil’s BBQ Sauce.

Sample all of Phil’s products – and grab a bottle to take home! – when you visit Chef Phil’s BBQ Sauce at Made in St. Augustine.