JMC Boutique Handcrafts the Simple Things for Life

JMC Boutique Handcrafts the Simple Things for Life

The need to manage four girls’ hair will motivate a mother to do just about anything to make life easier.

While anyone who has daughters can attest to this daily struggle, this is an over-simplification of why Chamane Williams created JMC Boutique.

Chamane’s start to making natural care products was actually not personally motivated at all. A friend came to her needing help with a small soap-making business. Her friend taught her the basics and then Chamane took a few classes to advance her skills. But what Chamane ultimately learned was more than how to make soap – she discovered a love for creating with her hands like nothing she had ever experienced.

[Now enter Chamane’s daughters into the equation.] As Chamane was mastering her soap-making skills, she found herself always buying lotion for her girls. So, she thought to herself, if she can make soap, why not make lotion? [And now enter four daughters’ hair into the equation.] And if she can make lotion, why not make conditioner?

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