Morgan Kelly Uses Puppets to Unlock the Imagination

Morgan Kelly Uses Puppets to Unlock the Imagination

Puppets come to life when Morgan Kelly combines the visual with performing arts.

Kelly discovered puppetry while she was studying theatre in undergrad. She said she remembers a moment about 15 years ago when she thought puppetry would keep her endlessly curious. And it has.

However, Kelly’s interest in puppetry dates back to her childhood when she would bring objects to life using her imagination. Maybe she just didn’t call it puppetry at the time. 

Kelly began formalizing her passion when she studied Theatre at Marlboro College in Vermont. She then solidified her specialty with a graduate degree from New York University in Educational Theatre. Her graduate work taught her ways to share her skills with kids in schools and different educational settings. Kelly loves watching the kids connect with puppets as she says they seem to understand them the best! 

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