Yo Dog Designs Captures the Young Artist


Rebecca D’Elena is a local artist who is passionate about more than just creating her own work. She shares her love of art by inspiring children to find their inner artist.

As a mother, Rebecca has always encouraged her sons to draw, equipping them with a creative space and proper drawing materials. Over the years, she watched her sons’ pictures bloom and develop. Impressed by their imaginative line drawings - coupled with the difficulty of finding artistic T-shirts for kids – Rebecca decided to make her own shirts using her kids’ crazy illustrations. And so, Yo Dog Designs was born.

An artist in her own right, Rebecca holds a Fine Arts degree from Flagler and works on various projects and commissioned artworks. She draws, paints and works with clay. She has recently begun creating plaster botanicals where she combines her love of plants and the natural world to make amazing pieces of art.

Rebecca encourages not only her own sons to embrace their creativity but also teaches arts and crafts to children. She spends her summers teaching at Camp Highlands for Boys and says she loves the energy she gets from being around the creative process.

Hoping to inspire even more budding artists, Rebecca will share her art and teaching talents at Made in St. Augustine. Come by her Junior Made station to create your own scratch-foam print. Stop by Yo Dog Designs’ booth to shop unique T-shirts as well as Rebecca’s plaster botanicals.